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Shipping and Returns

If payment is thru PayPal, credit card or debit card, your order is usually shipped the next day. It is very important that the information you provided specially your name, address and contact number are correct. We will not be able to change these information once order has been shipped. If payment is thru money transfer such as Western Union or Moneygram, your order will be shipped a day after you sent us via our email info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com the scanned or pictured copy of proof of payment which is the money transfer receipt that you will receive upon completion of money transfer. Make sure that the receipt picture is clear and we can read the amount and the money transfer control number. Shipping time varies depending on your location, but will usually take 10 to 20 days. Below is our approximate shipping time:

EASTERN AND NORTHERN ASIA: 2-15 Days. This includes South Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and nearby territories.
SOUTH EAST ASIA AND OCEANIA: 5-15 Days. This includes Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and nearby territories.
OCEANIA: 10-15 Days. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia and other nearby territories.
SOUTH AND CENTRAL ASIA: 10-20 Days. This includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and nearby territories.
WESTERN ASIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST: 10-20 Days. This includes The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey and nearby territories.
EUROPE: 10-20 Days. This includes all countries and territories in Europe.
AFRICA: 15-20 Days. This includes all countries and territories in Africa.
NORTH AMERICA: 10-15 Days. This includes Canada and The United States.
SOUTH AMERICA: 15-20 Days. This includes all countries and territories in South America including The Caribbean.
We can ship to Home Address, Office Address, Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO) and P.O Box. If your country is currently at conflict or at war, it is best to email us first to verify if we can ship to your country. As long as your country has a working post office, we can ship the goods to you. Also take note that in case we cannot fulfill an order or ship it to your chosen destination, we will never accept payment from you in the first place. In case you want to pick up your orders at the nearest post office just instruct us to do so. At your Order Notes, tell us that you want to pick the goods at the nearest post office from your shipping address so we can simply write a hold for pick up instruction to the post office. We can also send it to another post office for pick up. Just send us the complete address of the specific post office you want to pick the product from and we will write a hold for pick up instructions to that post office.
All shipments have their own unique tracking number. Please do email us about 3 days after placing an order to request for your tracking number. Most parcels are traceable online via your country's official post office such as USPS for U.S clients, Canada Post for Canada clients, DHL for Germany clients, Royal Mail for UK clients, Emirates Post for UAE clients, LBC Express for Philippine clients, POS Malaysia for Malaysia clients etc. In case your shipping time exceeds 20 days, please inform us immediately as the most common reason is that there was already an attempted delivery and your items are just sitting at the local post office for pick up. Your order is delivered discreetly. There will be no external labeling that will say what is inside. If you have any additional instructions in mind, do not hesitate to tell us via the Order Notes during the checkout process.

Shipping to all countries and territories is free irregardless of order quantity and weight. We ship via regular post. If you want to arrange a specific shipping method using a particular courier such as FedEx or UPS, simply inform us prior to ordering. Do take note however that in case you provided us with incorrect shipping information and the ordered product/s has/have been shipped already, we will ask you for a $10.00 reshipping fee.
We believe that a happy client is our best marketing arm. All of our products are created with one common goal in mind: Absolute client satisfaction. The least that we want to have is an unsatisfied client. Being a very realistic company, we are very much aware that we cannot please everyone and there might be a chance that our product may not work for a certain individual hence, in case that you are not satisfied with any of our products simply Contact Us or email us at info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com within 60 days from the date of purchase. It would help us a lot if you can elaborate the reason/s for your dissatisfaction for we believe that there is always room for improvement. We will use the information that you will provide to improve our products and services and these data are treated confidential. We will ask you to return the product at our address:

Precision Medical Inc.
c/o Perfect Nose Non Surgical
ATTN: TQM Department
Floor 21, Glass Tower, 534, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-708, Korea
(82) 2 566-1802

Simply send us the pictured or scanned copy of the shipping receipt and we will refund your payment in full. Refunds are only applicable to PayPal, credit card and debit card purchases. Money transfers payments are non-refundable. In case there is something wrong with your purchase such as receiving the wrong product, receiving an incorrect item size or missing item/s in your order, kindly Contact Us or email us at info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com as soon as possible. Inform us of the issue at hand and attach relevant pictures and documents to expedite resolution of the problem. After we conclude that you indeed received an incorrect item/s, we will immediately ship the correct item/s and you need not return the incorrect item/s that we sent. After we conclude that you indeed received an incorrect product size/s, we will immediately ship the correct product size/s and you need not return the incorrect size/s we sent. For missing item/s, we will immediately send the missing item/s.

In case you received a damaged product, it is very important to take a picture of it as soon as it arrives and inform us as soon as possible via our Contact Us page or via email at info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com and we will replace the damaged item the soonest. Replacement for damaged goods only covers damage sustained from shipping. We do not replace product/s that is/are damaged from incorrect usage. It is very important that you read the product usage instruction on our product details page to ensure safe nose reshaping experience.