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Fix Hanging Columella

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      Perfect Nose Short and Straight

      Quick Overview

      Perfect Nose Short and Straight is a non surgical nose job alternative that may work for you if you have any (one or in combination) of the following conditions:

      1. Long nose
      2. Droopy nasal tip
      3. Dorsal hump
      4. Curved nasal bridge at side profile
      5. Deviated septum (Crooked nose/Bent nose)
      6. Aquiline nose (Roman nose/Beak nose/Parrot nose/Hook nose)

      The unique 6 nodes HTEB (Hyperthermic Elastobasaltic) silicones of the device emit a comfortable and safe temperature of 110°F(43°C) upon contact on both the left and right sides of the nasal cartilage while the Polyvinyl Chloride frame exerts a pressure of 45 mmHg on both sides for nasal cartilage and bone reshaping. The device uses heat and pressure in reshaping the nose safely and effectively. Results may be visibly seen within 15 to 20 days of using the device. Unlike Perfect Nose Small and Defined that specifically targets the nasal cartilage, Perfect Nose Short and Straight can alter both the nasal cartilage and the nasal bone. Because cartilage has memory (cartilage reverts to its old shape and size once compressed), the device should be used consistently. The nasal bone takes longer to reshape as compared to the nasal cartilage hence, the device is worn longer for about 15 to 20 minutes each time twice a day, morning and night for at least 3 to 4 months to achieve permanent results.

      DISCLAIMER: Results of using Perfect Nose Short and Straight varies from person to person. It may not work for everyone. It is very important that you communicate with us about your goals and expectation so we can help you as realistically as possible.