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Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect Nose Non Surgical™ is a South Korean company specializing in non surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty. Established 1976 in Seoul under the name Precision Medical Incorporated, our company mainly specializes with silicone implants for rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. The company branches into different medical tools and prosthesis and became one of South Korea's largest implants and prosthetic manufacturer. In 1997 at the boom of plastic surgery in Korea, we started receiving requests from aesthetic surgery centers that we are supplying about creating non surgical alternatives for clients who do not want to undergo under the knife. It begins in collaboration with top Korean surgeons, brainstorming, multi-million researches and decade long testing that heralded the birth of Perfect Nose Non Surgical™ Incorporated.
Our products are never counterfeited in South Korea as we can monitor the market but due to our product's increasing popularity outside Korea, it is now being imitated worldwide particularly in China wherein manufacturers rampantly produces our products calling their versions "Jiahe", "Coco", "Nose Up" and so on. Foreign companies then take these products and re-brand it as their own leading to counterfeits all over Amazon, EBay and other online websites. Our team decided to put up a website to showcase the genuine Perfect Nose Non Surgical™ products and to provide official product information hoping to compete with and discourage counterfeiters.
Unlike most products online that state impossible claims such as "Achieve dramatic results in 2 weeks!" or "Surgery like effect in 10 days!" and the likes, we do not state such claims except with our Nose Up Extreme™ that really gives instant dramatic results. We are bounded by medical ethics and telling someone that a certain product will take effect in a certain amount of days constitutes an incompetent assessment.

Our device does work, yes, we are sure of it as there is no point selling our products if we know that it will not work but we have to consider many factors such as the client's baseline nose, the thickness of the skin and the cartilage, client's age, gender, coexisting medical conditions, diet and lifestyle just to name a few, in order to completely draw a full clinical assessment if indeed the product will work for the client. That is the reason why we have different products, because no single product will universally work for all nose types. We believe that each individual is unique and might respond faster, slower or not at all with our device. Having the longest clinical experience in patient assessment when it comes to non surgical nose job alternatives, we are fully confident that we can answer your queries and tell you whether our device is for you. Have a free consultation with us and talk to one of our experts.

Our products are manufactured in Korea under Perfect Nose Non Surgical Incorporated, under our main company Precision Medical Incorporated. We are located at Floor 21, Glass Tower, 534, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-708, Korea. You can call us at (82) 2 566-1802, Contact Us or email us at info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com for inquiries.
There is no clear-cut answer to this question as it really depends on your goal and the baseline structure of your nose. What you can expect however is our ethical obligation of honesty. We will tell you if the product will work and we will tell you if it won't. We will never ask you to purchase a product that we know is incompatible with your goals. We highly recommend that you first browse our product line and read the complete product information to assess if a certain product can work for you. We presented our product page in a manner that is easy to read and understand. Our product page presents many before and after pictures and usually, if your nose is of similar case, you can expect good results. You can also consult with one of our experts via our free Online Consultation page. Expect a response from an honest, ethical professional and not from a sales agent. Our goal is not to sell but to have a favorable customer experience. We believe that a happy and satisfied customer will be our strong marketing arm.
On the Perfect Nose Homepage, you will see our complete product list. Simply mouse over the product that you want to order and click Quickshop and then Add To Cart. You can also click Quickshop and click View Details under the product thumbnails on the left side of the pop up box to see the complete product information before clicking Add To Cart at the product page. Alternatively, you can view the complete product details by clicking at the product thumbnail instead of quickshop at the homepage. You can also add products to your shopping cart quickly by mousing over the product and clicking the Cart Icon at the lower right corner of the product thumbnail. Take note that you cannot quickly add products with size and set options such as Perfect Nose Nose Up Extreme™ Singles and Trio without going to the product page first and choosing the size or set you want. You can also add products to your shopping cart via our Shop page.

Once you added product/s in your cart and you want to see your shopping cart's content simply click Cart at the top menu or mouse over the Shopping Cart Icon at the upper right corner of the screen which also contains the item quantity and total price in USD and click Go To Shopping Cart. You can change the product quantity or remove a previously added product/s at the shopping cart page. Once you are sure with the content of your shopping cart, you can then proceed to checkout by clicking Checkout at the top menu or simply click Proceed To Checkout button at the shopping cart page. You can also checkout by mousing over the Shopping Cart Icon and clicking Checkout. Simply fill up the necessary information. If Billing Address is same with Shipping Address, you can leave the Shipping Address blank. If you have to ship the ordered product/s to an address other than the billing address, simply click Ship To Different Address? checkbox and fill up the necessary information. You can also add some special instructions by typing it in the Order Notes box. Select a payment option and click Place Order.

Our payment methods include PayPal, credit cards and debit cards via PayPal payment gateway as well as money transfer via Western Union and Money Gram. Since our credit card and debit card payment gateways use PayPal, it will look as if you are paying using PayPal but you need not have PayPal account to purchase on our site. Just fill up all the necessary information at the PayPal payment page and your order is usually processed 30 minutes after payment and shipment will begin the next day. In case you will use money transfer via Western Union or Money Gram, we will send you payment instructions instantly upon ordering and your order will be shipped from our office a day after sending us the Western Union or Money Gram payment receipt. Western Union and Money Gram have a transfer fee that should be paid by the sender and is to be treated separate from the total order amount. Please do take note that our 60 day money back guarantee does not include money transfer payments.
There are countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh and Pakistan wherein PayPal is unsupported and most Western Union and Money Gram offices do not offer sending money abroad. If you are living in these countries, the only way to pay is to ask someone else outside these countries to make payments on your behalf and simply use your address as the shipping address so that you can receive the product/s.
We ship to all countries and territories. We can ship to home and office addresses. We can also ship to Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices and P.O boxes as well. If your country is currently at conflict or at war, it is best to email us first to verify if we can ship to your country. As long as your country has a working post office, we can ship the goods to you. Also take note that in case we cannot fulfill an order or ship it to your chosen destination, we will never accept payment from you in the first place.
Shipping is free to any country and territory.
Yes. Just instruct us to do so. At your Order Notes, tell us that you want to pick the goods at the nearest post office from your shipping address so we can simply write a hold for pick up instruction to the post office. We can also send it to another post office for pick up. Just send us the complete address of the specific post office you want to pick the product from and we will write a hold for pick up instructions to that post office.
By default, the goods are delivered discreetly. There will be no external labeling that will say what is inside. If you have any additional instructions in mind, do not hesitate to tell us via the Order Notes during the checkout process.
Shipping time will depend on your location but is usually 10 to 20 days in all countries and territories. In case your shipping time exceeds 20 days, please inform us immediately as the most common reason is that there was already an attempted delivery and your items are just sitting at the local post office for pick up. You can also check our Shipment and Returns page for more details.
All shipments have their own unique tracking number. Please do email us about 3 days after placing an order to request for your tracking number. Most parcels are traceable online via your country's official post office such as USPS for U.S clients, Canada Post for Canada clients, DHL for Germany clients, Royal Mail for UK clients, Emirates Post for UAE clients, LBC Express for Philippine clients, POS Malaysia for Malaysia clients etc. etc.
We do give free samples to product reviewers. Please Contact Us or email us at info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com and send us your full name, shipping address, product you intend to review and your blog, website or video/YouTube channel URL for evaluation purposes.
Our 60 day money back guarantee is absolute. All you have to do is to email us that you are not happy with the product/s and send the product/s back to us. Take a picture or scan the shipping receipt and send it via email at info@perfectnosenonsurgical.com and you will receive a full refund within a day. When the goods arrived, we will evaluate if the goods are defective and if that is indeed the case, we will ship you the same product/s you returned free of charge. Do take note however that we can only refund orders paid using credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.